Exide 2KVA/24V Sinewave Home UPS And IGST 1500 150Ah* 2nos Tubular Battery

Product Brand : Exide
Product Voltage : 24 Volt
Product Capacity : 2000VA + 150 AH* 2nos
Product Type : Sinewave + Short Tubular
Model Number : KX00-024EXIDEP020/ FEL0-IGST1500
Inverter Warranty : 24 Months
Battery Warranty : 36 Months

Warranty Details: 36M Free Replacement


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  • Wide Mains Input Voltage Range 100V – 290V
  • Controlled Output Voltage
  • Suitable for Mains Low Voltage Operation, 8 – 10 AMP Charging at 120V Mains Input
  • ASIC (Auto Sense Intelligent Control) technology for battery charging which automatically senses battery condition & adjusts the charging current accordingly
  • Soft Touch ON/OFF, Mode Selection & Charging Selection Switch
  • Smart In-built Protections – Overload, Short Circuit, AC Back Feed, Battery Low, Battery Over-Charge, Over Temperature etc.
  • Mains Overload through Resettable Switch
Exide inverter batteries:
Beat power cuts with Exide Inverter batteries. Exide manufactures state-of-the-art, low maintenance, environment friendly inverter batteries at its technically advanced manufacturing units. Every Exide inverter battery has the ability to withstand frequent discharge, emits low gas and comes with a host of features including and at a price that will fit your pocket.
Why choose Exide inverter batteries?

In India, power cuts and irregularities in power distribution are still a part of life in urban as well as rural areas. The situation becomes worse in the hot and humid summer months, causing much discomfort. Exide inverter batteries are your only answer to beat the heat and power cuts, as they give you uninterrupted power supply during a power failure. An Exide inverter battery is designed to perform in extreme temperatures and long duration power cuts.

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