Battery Services

A battery is the backbone of an inverter or any Power back up solutions. Routine battery servicing and maintenance not only ensure optimal performance of your power back-up system, but also ensures safety of your home.

Why Book Battery Health Check-up ?

  • Will improve your Battery Efficiency.
  • Increase your Battery life.
  • Know your Present Battery Condition
  • Hassle free Back up during Power Outages

What You will Get on a Battery Health Checkup?

  • Professional and Experienced Engineer will come to your place
  • Check the Voltage and AMPS at different stages, Check the water level/acid levels of the battery(top up if required)
  • If Battery Recharge is required, He will guide You with Charges and the Process and Duration.
  • Upon Confirmation the battery will be taken for recharge at the service station and will be provided back within 48-72 hrs.
  • If the battery needs to be replaced and replaced by us immediately the above charges that was quoted will not be applicable

What You will Get on a Battery Recharge?

Our Engineer will come to your place, un install the battery, take it to the Service station and put for charging using our state of the art charging machines. Once the battery is charged to required voltage, the engineer will keep it for observation for few hours to see if the battery can hold the voltage and not discharges fast. If the battery is holding the voltage, the technician will bring back the battery and fits it . This complete process will take minimum 1- 2 days. If the battery is not able to charge or hold the required voltage, our Engineer will call and let you know that the battery is not good. You can order a new battery and we will bring and fit it with no extra installation fee. You just have to pay for the new battery.

What You will Get on a Jump Start?

Upon Receipt of order , Our Service Provider will come with the Necessary Battery and Jump Cable to help you Start the Car . He will also Inform You with the Condition of the Battery and guide you with the Process of Recharge if necessary or Replacement of Battery.

If Battery is not good and You decide to replace the Battery then the above charges wont be applicable.